• Synthesising Oleochemicals derivatives
    Since 2009

  • MOP redefines Natural Chemistry to create better emulsifiers.

About Us

M.O.PHILIPS INDUSTRIES, Edayar, Aluva, Kochi is engaged in synthesising Oleochemicals derivatives since 2009. M.O.P belong to group of companies having multi units and multi locations operations mainly focusing on manufacturing, importing & exporting and trading of chemicals and minerals.M.O.PHILIPS INDUSTRIES Polymer Additive Division at Palakkad manufacturing Heat stabilizers and lead based one pack heat stabilizers for rigid and flexible PVC pipes, calendaring and foil production.


M.O.PHILIPS INDUSTRIES range of products consists SMO, SMS, STS, SML, GMO, MonoDiglycerides E471, Succinylated, lactylated mono and diglycerides(E472), PGME, PGDO, PIBSA, TMPO, PETO, Pentaerythritolstearate, Oleamide, Stearamide. Our plant in KOCHI,INDIA is well equipped to produce the given products as per customers requirement and the products are well accepted by actual users.
End user application of our Products : Food additives/emulsifiers, Lubricants, Lubricant/oil additives, Cosmetics, Soaps and detergents, Pharmaceuticals and Nutraceuticles, Bakery shortening, Cake and Cake mixes, Leather chemicals, Textiles, Polymer additives, Explosives etc.